Geospatial World Chamber of Commerce – a non-profit entity promoted by Geospatial World to support and facilitate international trade and commerce. Geospatial knowledge serves as foundational infrastructure for sustainable socio-economic development and the same provides big boost to international trade and commerce. GWCC has been established with the objective to focus on B2B platforms at national, bilateral, regional, and multilateral levels. It aims towards connecting geospatial industry with mainstream political and economic leadership.


Promote, facilitate, advance, and protect interest of global geospatial and space business community

Draw plans and projects for encouraging the growth of trade and commerce worldwide

Advise Government on matters relating to commerce, trade and industry

Collect and share important information about industry, market and policies to its members

Assist Government in policy development and consultations on budgetary and procurement provisions

Bring to the notice of the Government the impact of various laws and regulations on business

Facilitate technological development through partnerships between academia, research, government and industry

Make the members aware of latest developments in technology, marketing, financing, human resources, etc

Establish chapters in various countries and develop and explore the areas where businesses can participate and cooperate

For more information, contact us at - info@gwcc.in