Geospatial World Chamber of Commerce (GWCC), headquartered and registered in India, is a non-profit global organization. GWCC is promoted by ‘Geospatial World’ with a vision to promote trade and commerce globally in ‘Geospatial and Space domains’ as we all know that Geospatial knowledge serves as foundational infrastructure for sustainable socio-economic development and the same provides big boost to international trade and commerce. 

GWCC strives to facilitate dialogues on open trade and commerce at national, bilateral, regional, and multilateral levels and advocates towards developing level playing fields, and ease of doing business practices for commercial companies at global levels with an aim towards facilitating growth of trade and commerce of Indian geospatial industry and space industries with primary partner countries of India in the context of evolving geo-political world order. 


Geospatial Industry in India: Opportunities for Advancing Trade, Commerce and Technology Collaboration Globally


Jawahar Lal Nehru Bhawan, Janpath, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

Date: September 27, 2023

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) India, in association with Geospatial World Chamber of Commerce (GWCC), organised a round table discussion on Geospatial Industry in India: Opportunities for Advancing Trade, Commerce and Technology Collaboration Globally on September 27, 2023 in a hybrid mode at Jawahar Lal Nehru Bhawan, Janpath, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

This discussion was chaired by Shri Dammu Ravi, Secretary (ER) and included presentations from industry body Geospatial World Chamber of Commerce (GWCC) as well as MD/Chairman/CEOs of geospatial companies in the country. The concluding remarks were given by Shri P Kumaran, OSD (ER & DPA), MEA encouraging participation from Geospatial Industry for International trade to be supported by MEA.

Shri Mahaveer Singhvi, Joint Secretary, NEST (New Emerging & Strategic Technologies), MEA and his team facilitated this round table along with GWCC. Shri D N Pathak from Department of Science and Technology (DST), GoI gave a detailed presentation on National Geospatial Policy (2022) and welcomed the Industry participation. Shri Manish Chadha, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry Affairs was also present.

Geospatial industry submitted specific request as under

Recognise geospatial and space industry as one of the sun-rise industries in Bharat (India) and consideration for inclusion of geospatial technologies as part of Initiative for Critical and Emerging Technology (ICET) programmes

Provide guidelines and advisories to commercial space and geospatial companies, in accordance with Bharatiya Government's commitments, position, and in agreements with international organisations like #UNOOSA #ITU #UN-COPUS #WTO #UNGGIM etc.

Demonstrate and communicate true spirit of the Bharatiya geospatial and space policy and its role in growth potential and opportunities for the global geospatial business community

Strengthen, support, and facilitate trade mission over Bhartiya geospatial and space industry with major partner countries, while identifying other potential countries

Initiate, promote and support Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure (GKI) architecture development, training and capacity development programs for developing countries through creating funding strategies and programmes for implementation

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From the Desk of CEO, GWCC

"Geospatial industry is amongst the fastest growing tech industry globally and especially powered and driven by innovation and public policy reforms across Space, Drones, AI/ML, Digital Twins, and Metaverse. Global geospatial industry is estimated to be 450 billion dollars in 2022 and is all set to be 1 trillion-dollar market by 2030.

United States is a major driver of space and geospatial industry globally. However, India is emerging as hub of global geospatial capacity with tremendous focus on innovation and start-up ecosystem, augmented by scalability of applications and services for domestic and overseas markets.

Having been committed to principles of democracy, global peace, and human development, United States and India have been expanding and strengthening their partnership across entire value chain of space and geospatial industry. A recently held high level summit, in Washington DC, did reinforce commitment of two countries to advance cooperation initiated in critical and emerging technologies. It also emphasised to extend cooperation in technology transfer and commerce in space and geospatial sectors.

Geospatial World Chamber of Commerce is thrilled with opportunities and feasibilities and reiterates its commitment to contribute to facilitate and contribute through social and business platforms that would play an engaging role in promoting trade and commerce between the two countries and beyond."

Sanjay Kumar

CEO, Geospatial World Chamber of commerce
CEO, Geospatial World

From the Desk of Chairman, IN-SPACe

"Space infrastructure and geospatial knowledge services are at the core of digital age, driving next generation economy and society, and offering range of applications to support global development agenda. India and United States, the two largest democracies, are the biggest players in the space industry and are committed to work together to strengthen and leverage space capabilities for sustainable development and promote cooperation in the field of technology, services, trade, and commerce between the two countries and beyond India-Pacific region.

IN-SPACe is excited to partner with Geospatial World Chamber of commerce to organise 3rd edition of India US Space and Geospatial Business Summit that would serve as a platform to ideate and engage with government and business leaderships to pursue forward our common goals."

Dr. Pawan Goenka

Chairman, IN-SPACe


Promote, facilitate, advance, and protect interest of global geospatial and space business community

Draw plans and projects for encouraging the growth of trade and commerce worldwide

Advise Government on matters relating to commerce, trade and industry

Collect and share important information about industry, market and policies to its members

Assist Government in policy development and consultations on budgetary and procurement provisions

Bring to the notice of the Government the impact of various laws and regulations on business

Facilitate technological development through partnerships between academia, research, government and industry

Make the members aware of latest developments in technology, marketing, financing, human resources, etc

Establish chapters in various countries and develop and explore the areas where businesses can participate and cooperate

For more information, contact us at - info@gwcc.in

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