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Indo American Chamber of Commerce

Australia India Chamber of Commerce

Electronic Industries Association Of India

SIA-India - SatCom Industry Association

Indian Space Association (ISpA)

Indo American Chamber of Commerce

Australia India Chamber of Commerce

SIA-India - SatCom Industry Association

SIA-India - SatCom Industry Association

Indian Space Association (ISpA)


NeoGeoinfo Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Australia India Chamber of Commerce

Australia India Chamber of Commerce


Indo- American Chamber of Commerce

The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) is committed to promoting trade and commerce between India and the United States and is now the leading bilateral Chamber at the forefront of facilitating stronger business ties between two of the world’s largest economies. Established in 1968, it is the apex bi-lateral Chamber synergizing India-US Economic Engagement. Ambassador Chester Bowles started it along with the then Industry leaders and visionaries like Mr. S L Kirloskar, Mr. Harish Mahindra, Mr. H. P. Nanda, Mr. Ambalal Kilachand, Mr. A. M. M. Arunachalam, Mr. Frederick Fales and Mr. John Oris Sims for enhancing US India Economic Engagement. Today IACC has PAN India presence with around 1500+ members, representing cross-section of US and Indian Industries.

Australia India Chamber of Commerce

The AICC is the leading representative body of trade and commerce between Australia and India and the only Chamber of Commerce in Australia focused on Australia – India relations. The AICC is focused on three main areas: Advocacy, Innovative Exchange, and Collaboration. As a member-focused organisation, the Chamber regularly hosts tailored events such as expert panels, round table discussions, and larger networking events. The Chamber also focuses on delivering value to members via its industry sector, National Working Groups which identify opportunities in each sector and highlight these through clear and concise thought leadership articles and white papers.

Electronic Industries Association of India-ELCINA

ELCINA is the Oldest and Largest Industry Association of Electronics Industry in India established in 1967. ELCINA represents companies from all segments of electronics (i.e., Consumer, Telecom, IT, Defence, Industrial, Components, Medical, Solar, Lighting, Automobiles, PCBs, EMS and others). They represent the voice of Electronics & IT manufacturers and service providers with members from both public and private sectors, including multinational companies. The promotion of electronics manufacturing has been our avowed mission over the past 50+ years. ELCINA work hand in hand with the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY), and several State Governments to promote investment and policy-related matters. It focuses on the electronics manufacturing industry and all our efforts are towards the promotion of value-added electronics manufacturing in India.

SatCom Industry Association

SIA-India is a non-profit organisation representing the interests of the space industry in India. Our membership includes satellite operators, manufacturers, suppliers, startups, academic institutions, and law firms. The association is committed to serving as a voice for the industry and representing the industry’s interests at policy making and regulatory bodies. SIA-India also offers a platform to forge international collaborations and provides an interface with the government. 

Indian Space Association

ISpA is an apex non-profit industry body, setup exclusively for the successful collaborative development of the Private Space Industry in India. ISpA was created to be the single Voice of the Private Space Industry and act as a bridge between the Government and Private Industry.

ISpA will undertake Policy Advocacy, Engage and Operate with all Stakeholders and act as a catalyst for accelerating the exchange of knowledge, information and technology of space-related domains amongst all stakeholders of the entire Indian Space ecosystem including the government and its agencies, to make India self-reliant, technologically advanced and a leading player in the Global Space arena.

Association of Geospatial Industries

The Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI) is an industry-led non-profit non-government professional organisation that represents the interests of geospatial industry in India and works towards the advancement of geospatial technologies and their applications. 

AGI serves as a forum for exchange of ideas, techniques, approaches, and experiences by those who design, implement, and use geospatial technology solutions. 

Our primary goal is to accelerate the adoption of geospatial industry in India and to ensure that government, industry, academia and society as a whole understand both the needs of this industry and its contribution to the nation’s development. 

For almost a decade now, the AGI is being recognized as the face of the Indian geospatial industry by various forums and governments across the globe. Established in 2009, the Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI India) 

Sweden India Business Council

The Sweden-India Business Council (SIBC) is the first choice network for growing business between Sweden and India.

Established in May 2003, SIBC grows rapidly every year adding small, medium and large companies as members. SIBC arranges focused meetings, roundtables and more with high value in terms of knowledge and time.

As a result of discussions between the Swedish and Indian Business Community in 2002, and MOU was signed between the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise to form SIBC. Since then SIBC has also signed a collaboration agreement with federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in India.


NeoGeoinfo Technologies (NeoGeoinfo)

NeoGeoinfo Technologies (NeoGeoinfo), formerly known as Geoinfosys Technologies is into delivering “field to finish” Geospatial solutions to customers. NeoGeoInfo actively invests to deploy the best technique and resources – suitable sensors, platform and satellite images in the market, to acquire geospatial data. Unleashing the power of technology and quality practices, NeoGeoInfo uses sophisticated tools to view, process and manage data from multiple sources for more insights. NeoGeo brings the data to life by providing custom visualizations, software products and cloud-based applications to transform complex data relationships into meaningful and actionable information. Rated among the Top 10 organisations (in India) for the last 3 consecutive years, NeoGeoInfo truly helps the customers to Navigate Geospatial World Confidently.

Esri- India

Established in 1996, Esri India Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Esri India) is an end-to-end Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions provider. As a market leader in geospatial technology and location intelligence, it has successfully delivered cutting-edge GIS solutions, powered by ArcGIS, to more than 6,000 customers for applications in Land management, Utilities, Water, Infrastructure, Disaster Management, Telecommunications, Urban Development, Smart Cities, Forestry, Natural Resources Management and more. For Indian customers, it has engineered a unique product called Indo ArcGIS.


Avineon was founded in the United States in 1992 on the principles of delivering high-quality services and solutions that rely on industry best practices and operational excellence. As a global provider of visualization services and solutions, Avineon specialize in delivering quality and value through digital modernization, engineering support services, and spatial intelligence. It focuses on the practical use of technology, mixed with domain expertise.

Avineon’s journey of helping commercial clients and government agencies optimize their operations and execute mission critical tasks now spans almost three decades. With headquarters in McLean, Virginia, and offices throughout North America, Belgium, France, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, India, and the Middle-East, Avineon offers a global delivery model in combination with regional support across multiple domains and technologies.

C- Astra

Founded in 2020, C-Astra Technologies LLC is a company conceptualised and established by a team of ambitious and young professionals. Utilising their expertise, the in-house products and technologies C-Astra provides advanced solutions to multiple industries in the fields of aerospace, artificial intelligence, machine learning, recycled composite fibres and space flight. These products have the potential to create a large impact spearheading sustainable advancement of the world’s technological sphere.

C-Astra are also heavily invested in developing programs to nurture technological growth in key industries in association with leading universities and researchers around the world as we believe the innovative thought process of future generation engineers and the technologies they develop would help propel mankind into the next frontier at an exponential rate.

Pixel Softek

PIXEL in its journey of over two decades has evolved as a trusted partner for Geospatial Consulting, Services, and Solutions, through a harmonious blend of digital transformational initiatives, technological prowess, and a proven track record.

PIXEL empowers vision with innovative solutions, by seamlessly blending cutting-edge technologies with a commitment to Perform with excellence Leading to sustainability. Their strategic consulting, together with a dedicated team of over 450+ professionals ensures that your vision not only thrives but evolves dynamically in an ever-changing geospatial landscape. PIXEL believes in the power of innovation to unlock new possibilities, enhance efficiency, and propel your objectives to unprecedented heights. 

Arahas Technologies

With over two decades of proven expertise, Arahas Technologies has a credible client base covering Smart Cities, Utilities, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Defense and Environment & Social Governance (ESG).

It has a pool of competent technical resources with combination of different core skill sets. The team offers integrated sustainable solutions using Geo-spatial & IT platforms covering the continuum of geospatial data collection to outcome-oriented AI/Analytics and Insights.

Xovian Aerospace

Xovian Aerospace is providing Sustainable Solutions in Satellite Technologies. The startup is providing Radio based Geospatial & Signal Intelligence to cut down the human & economic toll and bring operational efficiency across industries.

Idam Infrastructure Advisory Pvt Ltd

Idam Infrastructure Advisory Pvt. Ltd. is a leading firm providing services across the entire value chain in the energy sector from management consulting to ground level surveys and mapping; from transaction advisory to project management consultancy and project development, covering generation, transmission, distribution, renewable energy, energy efficiency/demand side management, sustainability and climate change.

ALTZ Technologies

ALTZ Technologies is a global player in geospatial solutions and technology services. ALTZ Technologies specializes in delivering tailored, data-driven insights to meet the unique needs of their clients. With a strong focus on innovation and integration, It leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to offer actionable analytics across various sectors.

ALTZ Technologies’ suite of products ranges from cloud-native applications and mobile solutions to web-based platforms, all designed with the user in mind. Committed to quality and scalability, we provide end-to-end services through strategic partnerships and a client-centric approach.

The mission is to empower organisations with actionable analytics and informed decision-making capabilities, ultimately contributing to sustainable development.


Established in Feb 2018, GISKernel is a leading GIS consulting firm, providing innovative GIS products and services to clients in the Public and Private sectors, including Fortune 500 companies. Headquartered in Pune, India, our dedicated team of GISP, PMP certified Project Managers, Senior GIS Developers, and Business Analysts creatively transform businesses with spatial solutions. GISKernel believes in finding better, more valuable ways to solve problems and elevate your business to new spatial heights.


SATPALDA Geospatial Services is an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading provider of geospatial products and services. The company is a reseller of multiple satellite data products and has a proven track record of delivering products including satellite imagery, UAV imagery, elevation models (DEM/DSM), LULC maps, as well as innovative solutions such as countrywide datasets and Airport Mapping solutions. With an experienced team having thousands of man hours of experience, the company focuses on providing value-based solutions in a time bound manner. SATPALDA strives to promote the latest Geospatial technologies to support critical issues such as climate change, environment and security etc.


Inovaantage is an IT & OT Solution and Service provider for Telecommunications, Transportations and Utilities with a strong customer base in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and HK. It has supported many mission critical projects and programs to ensure quality deliverables, timely completion and cost optimisation for it’s partners and customers in each engagements.

Dhruva Space Private Limited

Dhruva Space Private Limited is a National Award-winning space technology company focused on building full-stack space engineering solutions.

The company is based out of Hyderabad, India, and is actively building application-agnostic satellite platforms.

Dhruva Space offers Satellites coupled with Earth stations and Launch services as an integrated solution or individually as a technology solution to power Space-based applications, on Earth and beyond.


Established in 2017 and headquartered in Bengaluru, SatSure is a leading innovator in decision intelligence solutions, specialising in risk management and change detection. Their expertise combines Remote Sensing (RS) and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) to provide exceptional insights for informed decision-making. SatSure has become a market leader in less than five years, excelling in climate change mitigation, agriculture, and infrastructure.

SatSure will launch a Low Earth Observation (LEO) satellite fleet by 2025 to revolutionize data-driven decision-making through its subsidiary, KaleidEO.

SatSure’s global presence spans India, parts of Africa, and South-East Asia, addressing diverse challenges. Driven by a vision for innovation and sustainability, we are reshaping industries to transform the world.

TM Systems

TM Systems is an Information Technology consulting firm specialising in Cloud Migration, Product Development, Serverless Technology, Software Development, Cybersecurity & Location-based services.

The primary focuses of the company are all tied to one core value -simplifying information technology, product development, cybersecurity and location-based services for their customers.

Along with software development services, TM Systems is focused on providing security consulting services and protecting their clients’ data. TM Systems prioritize security threats and aid their clients to spot, prevent, and reduce risk in the most cost-effective way possible.

It’s goal is to become global leaders in security consulting services and location-based analytics along with software development.


Founded in 2020, GalaxEye is building the world’s first multi-sensor imaging satellite and sensor stack for the aerial platform, “Drishti Sensor”. Thus helping businesses and governments make data-driven decisions based on insights from satellite imagery. GalaxEye operates on a Data-as-a-service model, providing Satellite, aerial Imagery Datasets and Value added services to serve Geospatial Analytics Companies and Infrastructure enterprises.Currently incubated in IIT Madras GalaxEye has raised a seed round which is propelling it’s growth to space. The founding team has deep roots in team Avishar Hyperloop, a student competition team in IIT- Madras.


Magnasoft, with an unrivaled understanding of geospatial data, integrates intelligence into business processes for improved planning, quicker design, and faster engineering. As a trusted global partner with a proven track record, Magnasoft offers comprehensive geospatial services in mapping, engineering, and analysis. Their commitment to innovation and collaboration ensures clients in various industries, including Telecom, Utilities, Mining, and more, unlock the full potential of geospatial insights for intelligent decision-making.


Suhora is a leading-edge technology firm that leverages satellite imagery, big data, and AI to solve problems surrounding earth. Suhora specialize in offering integrative all weather, day-and-night solutions by combining Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Optical and Thermal data. Suhora believes in the ground-breaking potential of Earth-Observation data and its impact on different domains.

Suhora have developed a unique platform, SPADE, which takes intricate geospatial data and transforms it into accessible, easy-to-understand format that can revolutionize decision-making across industries.

The Company mission is to utilize technology and our expertise in geospatial intelligence to make this world a better and more sustainable place.


SkyServe has built India’s first end-to-end Edge Computing Platform for Earth Observation. It is democratizing earth observation and making continuous monitoring scalable by enabling geospatial analytics service providers and satellite operators with its advanced AI and edge computing solutions.

SkyServe’s in-space edge computing platform allows classical GIS or GeoAI models/apps to be deployed onboard EO satellites to instantly derive insights directly from space in near real-time. The SkyServe platform is agnostic to the end-use served by the models and can be leveraged for all applications that need high-frequency monitoring including energy & utilities, oil & gas, agriculture, national security, etc. Also, it serves best in applications that demand low latency for rapid response, e.g. disaster management- forest fires, floods, etc., and defense surveillance.

In order to serve the variety of user needs, SkyServe’s MLOps tool enables testing of GeoAI models for their ability to run with the software and hardware constraints of the edge computing environment. This is a self-serve tool that allows the developers to submit their models and seek feedback to modify the model until they arrive at a final version compatible to be deployed onboard satellites, in space.

Sisir Radar

Incorporated in 2021, Sisir Radar is a DeepTech startup that specialises in cutting- edge radar technology. Led by the former Director of Space Applications Centre (SAC), ISRO and Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) – Shri Tapan Misra, Sisir Radar has achieved a significant breakthrough with the world’s highest resolution L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Technology Focus areas of Sisir Radar includes, Remote Sensing (Synthetic Aperture Radar, Ground Penetrating Radar, Radar Imagery, High Resolution Drone Borne SAR System). Sisir Radar has also successfully developed high-resolution Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) that have been tested in some of the most challenging mines in the country.

QuantaSIP Geomatic Informative Solutions Pvt Ltd

QuantaSIP is a Pioneer in providing Cadastral Mapping, Survey and Geospatial Services, Part of J&T Group which was established since 2008. Having 50+ professionals, QuantaSIP has worked on few of the India’s most prestigious and challenging projects. QuantaSIP have a strong understanding for mapping technology. Having expertise ranges from Survey to mapping across various industries including electrical, agriculture, navigation, and infrastructure etc. Capacity to scale up the team and quick learning has led QuantaSIP to successfully execute many projects. They are one of the largest Cadastral and Geo Spatial data processing service provider in India.


TheAttorneys constituted as a Limited Liability Partnership, is a contemporary full-service Indian law firm providing legal services to domestic and international clients. The firm has offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, London and associate offices in several other cities of India. The firm caters to both Indian and foreign companies interested in doing business in India. Our full-service platform is set to meet client’s needs with a complete range of legal services.

The mission of TheAttorneys is to provide seamless, efficient client-centric services over a wide range of industries. Collaboration across practices and offices, along with highly focused management of matters and cases, enables them to deliver dynamic legal support, regardless of location. It’s clients include companies, individuals, governments and institutions from across the spectrum of industries that make up today’s global economy. They work seamlessly across sectors, bringing together cross-disciplinary teams with extensive industry, legal and strategic planning experience to devise tailored solutions that can overcome current challenges and mitigate future risks.