4th india usa space and geospatial business summit

4th India USA Space and Geospatial Business Summit

Geospatial World Chamber of Commerce (GWCC) is jointly organising the 4th edition of India USA Geospatial Business Summit on 10th June, 2024 in New Delhi, India at Vivanta, Dwarka with NEST Division of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India as the Summit Partner. The Bilateral Business Summit is supported by US India Business Council (USIBC) and Indo American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) and Geospatial World (GW). IN-SPACe, Government of India has joined the Summit as the Strategic Partner. The Bilateral Business Summits would not only offer platform to commercial sector of the participating countries towards strengthening their business cooperation, but would also provide commercial mechanism to implement provisions and commitments made by political and diplomatic leadership towards  including geospatial industries in trade and commerce.

There have been several initiatives going on between India and US that support strengthening of bilateral relations in the field of critical technologies including space and AI. And Geospatial sector is very much aligned and integrated part of these initiatives, and in fact, its geospatial industry that is and would continue to leverage and translate these initiatives real value trade and commerce. Currently, as per estimations, quantum of bilateral trade in geospatial sector between India and USA is estimated to be 2 billion $ and likely to grow to 5 billion $ by 2026. There is potential to grow the same to 10 billion $ by the year 2030 and for that we need to bring in geospatial in mainstream of bilateral discussions and create better environment for cooperation across research institutions, business enterprises, and government agencies.

Historically, India and the United States have had a long-standing commitment to qualitatively transform their strategic business partnership, particularly by investments and commitments, in technology knowledge sharing. The US is India’s most comprehensive strategic partner, and cooperation between the two extends across multiple areas such as space, trade, defence, multilateralism, intelligence, cyberspace, civil nuclear energy, education, and healthcare.


Shri Periasamy Kumaran

Officer on Special Duty & Additional and Special Secretary,
Economic Relations & Development Administration Partnership, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

Shri Mahaveer Singhvi

Joint Secretary, NEST Division, (New, Emerging & Strategic Technologies Division), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA, India) Government of India

Jacob Gullish

Executive Director, Policy & Digital Economy, Media & Entertainment, US- India Business Council (USIBC) – LinkedIn

Lt Gen Anil Kapoor

IIT Tirupati - IPGF

Sanjay Kumar

CEO and Founder, Geospatial World & Geospatial World Chamber of Commerce


Indian National Space Promotion & Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe), Department of Space, Government of India


Strategic partner





To deliberate on the various policy reforms pertaining to Geospatial and Space technologies towards strengthening the existing bilateral relations between the two countries

To demonstrate combined value of geospatial and space technology in overall development of the two countries through business dialogue

To showcase latest technology innovations across space, geospatial, AI/ML, Cloud, Autonomy and their combined integration with geospatial and EO capabilities to develop national geospatial knowledge infrastructure and its applications

To share and exchange the best practices of the Geospatial technologies embedded with future generation technologies and applications

To facilitate an actionable agenda for capacity building of the key stakeholders by leveraging of each other’s capabilities

To draw a roadmap for the next five years with Geospatial and Space technologies and applications at the nucleus


Industry Leaders

Government Functionaries

Thought Leaders

Business Users

Implementing Agencies


  • Dialogue forums consisting of participation from Government, Industry and Civil Society leaders
  • High Level Networking Reception



November 15, 2022

14:00 -17:00

Programme Agenda | Hall 2.5

Topic 1 – Policy Impact and Ease of Doing Business: An Indian Perspective

Topic 2 – India-USA Geospatial & Space Technology Collaboration: Opportunities for Industry

Topic 3 – Technology Transfer and Make in India: Opportunities and Potentials