NRIGA (NRI Geospatial Alliance) Forum is a voluntary professional network of NRIs engaged in Geospatial and Space globally. The network has been established for NRI professionals working in Geospatial and Space across the globe. The aim of NRIGA forum is to:

a) Develop a platform of engagement with Indian stakeholders – Government, Industry, Start-ups, Academia and Research and Development.
b) Serve the community and country back in a meaningful way.

The NRIGA network strives to provide the members with various opportunities of serving back the community and the nation. Many of our members have expressed their interest in helping the Geospatial and Space communities with mentoring the young leaders, guiding Start – ups, and providing services pertaining to the Government consultancy and business advisory, and so on.


The NRIGA (NRI Geospatial Alliance) Forum is a voluntary professional network of NRI professionals/ members engaged in the domains of Geospatial, Space and Allied Sciences globally. The Professional network shall be funded through the generous support of the members of the same. The mission is to unite and enrich the global NRI community. NRIGA focuses on issues for the greater good of the society and community as a whole with Geospatial and Space ecosystem as a background context. NRIGA is strictly nonpartisan, non-political, and non-religious.



The rationale and purpose of NRIGA is to stimulate collaboration between and amongst the members, as well as between them and members in other similar groups, networks, and associations. As a Professional Network, NRIGA is equally focused on economic, environmental, health, education and social systems. We wish to bring our focus on designing programs and participating in sustainability initiatives. We strive to disseminate information of interest to our members.

NRIGA sets to develop a platform of engagement towards serving the country and community back by engaging with key stakeholders – Government, Start-ups, Academia, Research, and Industry.


We respect our members for the commitments of their time and resources to work together for a shared vision. We aspire to position ourselves (in a two-pronged approach) a) as the spokesperson platform for the community and fraternity; b) we become instrumental in translating and transforming the voices and thoughts into mission-driven actions. The NRIGA Secretariat strives to work continuously for the growth of the community in a harmonious way with the core objective to provide opportunities TO all and FOR all.

  • We wish to grow with each other;
  • We wish to leverage on each other’s capabilities and strength; and
  • We wish to facilitate and promote each other

Underlying all these, we assume that as a collective, we are non-political and do not hold any religious biases and political ideologies.


Each of the distinguished members is requested and expected to adopt the standards of dignity, fairness, and integrity. The purpose of this Network is to strengthen confidence in the integrity of the standards and to empower the Community of Practices (CoP). Therefore, abiding by this Code is seminal for everyone.

The Communication flow is an integral part of the entire GWCC and NRIGA eco-systems. We have been maintaining this and going forward we shall keep this transparent and seamless as a practice. NRIGA believes in the philosophy – ‘We own what we speak’. The NRIGA members are requested to adhere to this philosophy. We are a vibrant community and we wish to transfer the vibrations across the community.

  • The members shall be updated and kept informed by the NRIGA Secretariat after due approval and in consultation with the Office bearers on the progress, updates and roadmap of NRIGA periodically. (Half Yearly / Yearly report);
  • The Office bearers shall guide the Secretariat on the reports with their constructive feedbacks. The Office Bearers shall communicate with the members through Secretariat.
  • The Secretariat shall remain the focal point for any communication flow. However, the Secretariat shall seek formal approval from the Office Bearers for any communication.

NRIGA is one of the ambitious programs of GWCC. It is mandated to carry out the Vision and Mission of the NRIGA in a transparent and accountable manner. It is also mandated to work from a Multi-stakeholders perspective without holding any biases against or for any individual or group.

  • The Secretariat shall serve with integrity, loyalty, and respect for confidentiality while avoiding conflicts of interest and activities towards personal advantage to the disadvantage of the NRIGA Board and its members.
  • The Secretariat shall serve all members of their associations with impartiality, providing no particular benefits to any member, and accepting no personal compensation from a member without the prior knowledge and approval of the Board unless the compensation is made for a paid service.
  • The Secretariat shall ensure, to the best of its ability, that interactions between and amongst members are fair and free of unwarranted discrimination and harassment
  • The Secretariat shall engage in professional development to further the competence of the members.

In case, if there is any disagreement on opinions with others, the members are requested to remain respectful and are expected to allow the other party/parties to comment, reply or request in a professional manner and look for an amicable solution.