Breaking Boundaries: India-Sweden Space and Geospatial Summit Ignites New Frontiers of Collaboration

The growing ties between India and Sweden in Space and Geospatial technology present a compelling narrative of collaborative innovation and shared progress. Both nations, with their unique strengths, are poised to contribute significantly to the global landscape of space exploration and technology.

The first-ever Indian Space and Geospatial Industry Trade Mission to Sweden, organized by Geospatial World Chamber of Commerce (GWCC), signifies a significant milestone in the collaboration between India and Sweden in the realms of geospatial and space technology. Bringing together Innovators, Industry leaders, and Visionaries from both the countries. This dynamic convergence showcased the immense potential and growth opportunities within the geospatial sector.

Paving the Way for Innovation: The strategic partnership between Geospatial World Chamber of Commerce and Sweden-India Business Council, supported by the Indian Embassy in Sweden and Latvia, has paved the way for innovative collaborations. The first-ever Indian space and geospatial trade mission to Stockholm and Kiruna showcased a commitment to showcasing capabilities, fostering partnerships, and strengthening business relations. The event featured engaging panel discussions with entrepreneurs from diverse space and geospatial companies. Notably, during networking sessions, several companies advanced towards agreements and contracts, marking significant progress in bilateral trade and business partnerships.

 Ambassador Tanmaya Lal highlighted the 75 years of diplomatic ties with Sweden, emphasizing the immense potential for trade and collaboration in the space and geospatial sector.

Insights into Space Infrastructure and National Space Policy Charlotta Sund offered insights into Sweden’s space infrastructure and collaborations with ISRO, calling for increased involvement from the commercial sector of both nations.

Tushar Phadnis shed light on the National Space Policy, which has opened doors for commercial entities in the space sector.

Geospatial Sector ‘The Next Big Global Opportunity’ The geospatial sector, stands not only as a thriving market but also as a key player in enhancing mainstream IT, Engineering, and Autonomous Industries. Indian Geospatial economy estimated at US$ 5 billion in 2022, the sector is on a trajectory of remarkable growth, including a substantial export value of US$ 2 billion in geospatial services. As per the India Geospatial Artha Report, India’s geospatial economy has the potential to grow to US$ 7.7B at a CAGR of 12.8% by 2025 end.

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